City of Raleigh — Dix Park Copy

City of Raleigh — Dix Park Wayfinding 

After the City of Raleigh acquired 308 acres of Dix Park in 2016, park staff wanted a unique approach to directing visitors through the space. I partnered with a digital strategist and designer to create "Protect Our Park," a series of wayfinding signs with an emphasis on sharp, snappy copy based on interpretive signage best practices. The signs will be printed and installed in Dix Park throughout 2017. 


1. Is personal to the audience.
2. Does more than present facts.
3. Stimulates people into a form of action.
4. Presents a whole rather than a part.
5. Explains the relationships between things. 


1. To entice visitors to READ the signs.
2. To GUIDE visitors through the park.
3. To EDUCATE visitors. 
4. Because the park is open to everyone—young and old, English-speaking and not—the signs must have broad appeal and be easy to read. 


The challenge was compounded by having a variety of information to display for visitors, ranging from simple directions to historical facts. To make the signs as fluid and universal as possible, our design integrated the universal color scheme of a traffic signal: Red for things park visitors should not do (like litter), yellow for cautionary signs (like checking for trains), and green for signs that give information (like historical dates). Each color was then assigned a mascot.  The signs will be printed and installed in Dix Park throughout 2017.