Currin Events

Hello. Here is some news.

Late last year, the company I worked for since graduating from college, Myriad Media, offered me the opportunity to build a new department alongside a male co-worker. The opportunity was based, in part, on my success executing personal projects, as well as some new goals for growing the organization. But, when I found out I would be compensated approximately $20,000 less than my male colleague (who was fairly new to the company) for the same work, it set off a chain of events that ultimately led to my departure from Myriad, as well as from Raleigh—at least, for awhile. It was a learning experience for all involved, and, I believe, more a result of inexperience than ill will. We all tried to make it work, but we just couldn’t get there. I hope there will be some positive takeaways from the entire thing.

Here’s mine: Over the last few years, the Raleigh housing market has changed enough that I’ve been able to use the sale of my house to leave my job and prepare for the next phase of my life—which, I hope, will be full of curiosity and exploration. I’m thankful for all of the events that led up to my ability to purchase property. As a kid who spent her childhood hopping apartments annually because we couldn’t afford a family home, I absolutely recognize my privilege and those who gave me a helping hand. Owning my own home was a huge milestone for me, and what I imagine some mean when they talk about the American Dream.

I will forever miss my sweet, old Oakwood home, but I appreciate it even more for giving me the opportunity to leave a difficult and unhealthy situation. And I appreciate Myriad for being willing to listen and grow—even if it didn’t work out this time. Finally, I appreciate Grayson, who happily jumped aboard my “make lemonade from lemons” idea.

So, our house is now under contract. Next week, Grayson and I will take off in our new, tiny Sprinter home. We’ll spend the year traveling the United States, seeing new sights and reconnecting with old friends. We will climb the Grand Teton and hike the Grand Canyon. We plan to run a few marathons and, more than likely, stir up some trouble along the way. As of now, we plan to return in a year(-ish) and pick back up where we left off. There’s so much work to be done in Raleigh, and the state as a whole. We’re just taking a little breather.

So, if you’ve got any recommendations for great sights to see or things to do or—especially—places to eat, let us know. And, if you know of any freelance work or places where our strange signs or air horns might be put to use, let us know. We’ll both be freelancing a bit to fund the trip (especially the eating part). Finally, if you want to digi-travel with us, you can reach me on Twitter and Instagram @tinacurrin, and right on this here blog. 

Thank you to the North Carolina community for being so rad. There's seriously something special here, and I can't wait to tell people about it. 

Take care, talk soon, do what’s right, and eat all the food. Most of all, keep Raleigh groovy in our absence. We'll see you later.


Tina Currin